Monday, February 22, 2010

Announcing the BIG NEWS!

Since we found out that I was pregnant towards the first part of November we decided to tell our families around Thanksgiving time. We had to time it out right because we were going to my parents for Thanksgiving. We were going to see his parents before Thanksgiving. We decided to tell his parents in person the week before Thanksgiving and to tell my sister and brother in law the same week because we weren't going to see them on Thanksgiving.

When Steven told his parents, we went over there for dinner and he ended up writing the BIG NEWS down on a piece of paper then passed it to each of them. As they read what he wrote down they both squealed with glee! And jumped up and gave each of us a hug.

We then headed to my sisters house to tell them as well. When we were there we had a lot of small talk but finally I couldn't wait to tell my also pregnant sister, so I blurted out "I'm pregnant!" and of course they're response was...."nah, no you're not, you're kidding", so after a few moments of us convincing them that we were pregnant they finally believed us and congratulated us. My sister is due on April 7th with their second son. My due date is July 19th, so the cousins will only be about three months apart.

We also called my oldest sister and brother in law to tell them because we were't going to see them on Thanksgiving either. My sister has always been the very vocal one, so as she screamed on the phone when I told her our news I had to hold the phone away from my ear. It was so neat getting to tell people our news as it made it become more real.

Now for the big revealing at Thanksgiving around the table. We arrived at my parents house late on Tuesday night before Thanksgiving. It was hard to keep it in for the day and a half before telling them, but it was very worth it in the end! While we were getting ready to eat, we went around the table and said what we were thankful for...being that it was only my mom and dad and my little sister Bekah, it didn't take long to get to me and Steven. We stated that we were thankful for family in 2009 and that I'm pregnant. Again, they hesitated to respond because it took a moment to set in, then the squeals took place. It was very special and fun to share the news in that manner.

We ended up waiting a little longer before telling Stevens siblings. His oldest brother and sister in law live in Canada and were coming up for Christmas. So we decided we wanted to tell them in person at Christmas time. Then we told his other brother Jeff and his wife over the phone a couple of weeks before Christmas, they had the neatest response...I'm pretty sure there was screaming involved! And Stevens other brother John we told on Christmas eve...he was a hard one to tell because he's stationed in Cuba, so he's a tough one to get ahold of!

We told the staff at Valley Assembly (where Steven is on staff) by giving them our Christmas cards that said "Love, Steven and Sarah and Baby Fazakerley too". Then we announced it to our students at Revolution Church on New Years at our big New Years Revvies award night. It was so exciting to let everyone in on the big secret!

It's been fun sharing this experience of being prenant, I have felt so loved by so many people.

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